What is Kodi & Do I need it for my Android Tv Box?


So what is Kodi and what is it good for? Well Kodi is an operating system used on many Android Tv Boxes. Its the main one to be exact. Most be resort to Kodi to run there addons to stream content online. I personally love Kodi. I have used it on all my Android Boxes in the house and its the main goto Operating system that I use.

Kodi VS the Android Box

In all honesty, I don’t think the Android Tv Box would of made it this far it it wasn’t for Kodi operating system. You pretty much need it to install any Addon. As an Android Box without it is almost useless. Its just another mini computer that gets you online.

Installing Kodi should be one of the first steps you do to get your Android Box setup. Do to that you can just google Kodi.tv and you will find the latest addition. The newest addition is Kodi 18 Leia, which is awesome by the way. After you have installed Kodi, the next thing to do is install a good build.

Installing a Kodi Build or Kodi Addon

After  you have initially installed the Kodi operating system, we can then go further with installing a build or Addon. I think you should install a Kodi Build as the build makes it easier for navigating throughout the Operating system and it comes pre-installed with a bunch of Kodi Addons.

Now some people enjoy and like the Kodi Nav Menus so they choose to keep the original kodi on there and just install the addons as needed. I find this to be the long way around it certainly take way more time to setup.

Android A95 ANdroid Box 4K

What Builds do I install?

There are many Kodi builds to choose from, but If I were to pick any in 2018, it would be the Durex Build. Its a very lightweight Kodi Build that runs exceptionally well. No matter if you have an older android tv box or a newer one, it will run great.

Other Kodi builds like Cellar Door Infusion are great, Pulse Build, and theres a whole lot more. You can check out this post here on what the best kodi builds are for 2018. You wont go wrong with them. They offer great tutorials, with excellent support over there. Plus its where we all buy our Android Tv Boxes too.

To Sum it all up!

When you buy your first Android box, install kodi first. Once you have done that, you can go on to installing the Kodi Builds or addons. Whatever you prefer. If you do have questions, feel free to ask them through the contact us page on our site.


Michael – Nokian Writer PT