IPTV Service in Canada – Whats the Best?

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So your looking to cut the cord for your IPTV services. I get it, I have been there too. Its hard to pay those big expensive monthly packages for something that you merely watch for a few hours per week. Its just not worth it anymore. That and we all love Netflix, but eh there so back behind the times that it takes two years to get up to date with the current television shows.

So where does that leave us? Well a lot of us went to Kodi with the purchase of an android box. If you have been there, you need probably already know that its a bit of a hit and miss. Sometimes, you get channels that just don’t work, the streams are either extremely slow, or the in the worst case, you are half ways through a show and it cuts out because the server is overloaded. Been there a few times watching the walk dead.

So What IPTV Service to Get?

Well if your in Canada, getting a premium IPTV service may be a little difficult. Reason being, is that there are not many companies out there doing this right now. If you google IPTV Canada, the most you will find is a handful of companies. And not all of them are in Canada. Some of them are American companies that don’t even offer a Canadian IPTV Subscription. So how would you choose from all the rift raft? Which IPTV provider is Canadian and how would I know?

Those are all hard questions to answer but luckily I have a good solution for you. I personally came across a blog called bestandroidtvbox.com. And I can honestly say that there are some really good unbiased views. The guy Jonathon certainly offers some good info on this kind of subject. He knows way more then I do, and I’m a techy guy.

From what I can gather, he says RocketStreams are the best provider to have. Even above Ipguys. I have tried both, and I seem to like Rocket Streams better. There servers are faster, and they provide a much better channel lineup.

So with that said, check out Jonathons post and his recomendations. Who knows he might be on to something.


Michael Gray