Exodus Kodi is Back – Full Tutorial

install the new exodus addon

So your wondering if you should go back and trust the almight Exodus Addon for Kodi. Yeah one time you wouldn’t think twice about it. But it seems lately these addons keep getting taken down so quickly. And theres not a lot to do about it.

Where did Exodus Kodi go?

Back in the day when you thought about installing the exodus kodi addon, you would not even think twice. It was the main go to addon that everyone loved to use. Why not right, it had almost every single stream you could ever think of. There database of movies was larger then any other Kodi Addon out there.

Unfortunately the ban hammer came down and the Great Exodus Addon got taken down. Many of us were in dismay has where would we go, and what would use now. Luckily over the years, many other Kodi addons, came to take there place. Like Placenta, Covenant, Genesis Reborn, Elysium, and so on.

kodi for exodus

So what next?

Over the years, and has time passed, things are starting to get back on track. The team at Exodus and finally come back. They released there newest version of the exodus kodi addon not long ago, and the crowds went wild. There database of movies, tv shows, sporting events and more are bigger then ever. When your looking for something great to watch. You will certainly find it on the Exodus Addon.

Is it hard to install the Exodus Addon?

Not at all. The Exodus addon is one the easiest to install. You can learn to install exodus on kodi here. Its one of the easiest Kodi Addons to install. And it can be done, in only a few minutes. I think it took me no longer then 5 minutes to go down through the tutorial.

I would have to say, that the Exodus kodi Addon is back and its better then ever. You won’t go wrong with installing this awesome Kodi Addon. Plus its always better to have a few extra Kodi Addons in the background. We all know that not every Kodi Build installs all the Addons we want.

So jump over to that site, and check them out. They do some of the best tutorials on the web for installing Kodi Builds and Kodi Addons.


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