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Its Michael here again with another great post about IPTV. So after the last few months I bet you have been trying to find a decent service, but you always run into the same scenario over and over. Rude Tech guys, that hardly want to help you after you have paid, and crappy service where your channels are freezing constantly. Yeah I too have found the same issue when buying IPTV Canada based.

I have spend so much money jumping from the company to company it would of been almost better if I stayed with BELL and paid those high rates. I would of had less anguish, I think. Haha.

So after many temporary trials with IPTV I was starting to get frustrated. Things were not working out for me and I was almost ready to go crawling back to BELL saying please take me back, I have been a fool. Until I came across this post about IPTV Express Canada.

map of canada for IPTV express

I read the post and like always I was very skeptical at first. Well ya gotta be right? In this world of scammers and ding dongs, ya kinda gotta put that guard up. So I read the post, then left and read another post about the same company.  I thought whats the chances of two great Canadian bloggers writing great things about this same IPTV service. So the sawdust started burning up in my old clunker of a head. I decided to give this one a shot.

I went over to there website and signed up, thinking here we go. Another waste of *********g time right. To my surprise someone by the name of Jessica wrote me back within a few minutes. I was floored, it usually takes days to get a response out of anyone of these guys. But this company was different. Maybe the express really meant express!

So I gave her all my info and she started setting everything. I decided, this is going to take a few hours so I’ll run out grab a coffee and when I get back this should be done. By the time I fixed myself up, put my shoes and coat on, she had already written me back. Saying your account is setup and ready to go! What the hell is going on? This gotta be some hockus pokus! RIght? No way man, she had this account setup, my portal URL there and it was just up to me to get it started.

So I went out for Coffee anyway, had it on my mind and just had to have it. You know how it goes. When I got home, I started inputing the portal into my IPTV app. Which is extremely easy by the way. I reset my box, and BAM! Just like that I had over 4500 channels. I skimmed through the service and it all ran so quick. Made me realize how much I was getting scammed before with the poor services. I just have to say, out of all the companies that I have ever purchased IPTV from, these were certainly the best. So if you are looking for IPTV, then check out the link above in my post or below in the resource section.,

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Michael Gray