Android Tv Box & What is it?

android tv box

So you have heard about Android Tv Boxes, but you are not sure what its all about. They are great little tools that can save you a whole lot of money per month when it comes to your entertainment needs. One of the best things about them are that they are so small, lightweight and you can take them anywhere you go.

Top 5 Things Reasons to Buy an Android Box

  1. Its cable TV in your pocket. You will have the luxury of taking it anywhere you go. For example if you are on the road a lot, you can pack it in your bag and plug it in whenever you get to your room.
  2. Instant Access to Millions of Movies, Tv Shows, Sports, Kids Cartoons and Live Tv Channels. Yes that’s right, you can instant access to an endless supply of movies and Tv shows. All at your fingertips for Free. You can’t get much better then that.
  3. You can get Live TV channels with a cheap subscription to IPTV. Say what? Yah you heard me right there. For aonly 10 dollars a month you can get access to over 1500 live Tv channels in HD quality.
  4. Its FREE! Yeah the best thing about it. You can  cancel those expensive monthly bills to the big cable providers. When you get an android box it is completely free to use.
  5. Android Tv Boxes are Cheap! You can buy them online for less then 50 bucks now. Even though Id suggest paying at least 100 or around that for a better box. But all in all you can get them pretty cheap and do everything you want on them for free.

cheap android tv box

So there you have it. The Top 5 reasons to go out now and buy a Android Tv Box. Everyone here at Nokian bought one and we all love it. Note to self, we all cancelled our cable company subscriptions too.  If you are wondering where to check out some good deals, just google android tv box. You’ll find them.