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iptv express canada

iptv express canada

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Its Michael here again with another great post about IPTV. So after the last few months I bet you have been trying to find a decent service, but you always run into the same scenario over and over. Rude Tech guys, that hardly want to help you after you have paid, and crappy service where your channels are freezing constantly. Yeah I too have found the same issue when buying IPTV Canada based.

I have spend so much money jumping from the company to company it would of been almost better if I stayed with BELL and paid those high rates. I would of had less anguish, I think. Haha.

So after many temporary trials with IPTV I was starting to get frustrated. Things were not working out for me and I was almost ready to go crawling back to BELL saying please take me back, I have been a fool. Until I came across this post about IPTV Express Canada.

map of canada for IPTV express

I read the post and like always I was very skeptical at first. Well ya gotta be right? In this world of scammers and ding dongs, ya kinda gotta put that guard up. So I read the post, then left and read another post about the same company.  I thought whats the chances of two great Canadian bloggers writing great things about this same IPTV service. So the sawdust started burning up in my old clunker of a head. I decided to give this one a shot.

I went over to there website and signed up, thinking here we go. Another waste of *********g time right. To my surprise someone by the name of Jessica wrote me back within a few minutes. I was floored, it usually takes days to get a response out of anyone of these guys. But this company was different. Maybe the express really meant express!

So I gave her all my info and she started setting everything. I decided, this is going to take a few hours so I’ll run out grab a coffee and when I get back this should be done. By the time I fixed myself up, put my shoes and coat on, she had already written me back. Saying your account is setup and ready to go! What the hell is going on? This gotta be some hockus pokus! RIght? No way man, she had this account setup, my portal URL there and it was just up to me to get it started.

So I went out for Coffee anyway, had it on my mind and just had to have it. You know how it goes. When I got home, I started inputing the portal into my IPTV app. Which is extremely easy by the way. I reset my box, and BAM! Just like that I had over 4500 channels. I skimmed through the service and it all ran so quick. Made me realize how much I was getting scammed before with the poor services. I just have to say, out of all the companies that I have ever purchased IPTV from, these were certainly the best. So if you are looking for IPTV, then check out the link above in my post or below in the resource section.,

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Iptv in Toronto Changed My Life

iptv toronto channels


IPTV is a broadcasting method which uses Internet lines to deliver video feeds. It doesn’t rely on a browser so as to function. Rather, an IPTV provider connects a decoder box to your tv for you to have the ability to view videos. The movies are given to you online and in real time. The only important requirement that you enjoy IPTV service is a high-speed online connection (specifically substantial bandwidth broadband).To get IPTV content, you’ll have to get a set-top box or an IPTV box. The box receives packets it reassembles so the video stream is broken into a suitable format.The set-up box is similar to the menu or the foundation for what a viewer needs.

An”operator” gets content from manufacturers and broadcasters and this is converted into the IPTV video format.A high-speed online connection is vital in making sure the packets are received without delay or disruption.What It Could Provide Sports Fans and BroadcastersIn years past it was quite tricky to adhere to a game’s progress if you’re stuck in traffic or swamped with tons of paperwork at work. VoD or Video on Demand enables users to select what they want to watch and how they would like to watch it.

They could pause, forward or rewind the movie. By doing this, they’re guaranteed to capture every breathtaking moment of their favorite sports games. IPTV users can also opt to use their personal video recorders whenever there is a game or sports event they would like to record.Here are additional IPTV benefits that both sports fans and broadcasters can appreciate:IPTV broadcasts are in high-definition so it is definitely a high quality experience in contrast to traditional TV viewing technologies. Unlike satellite TV, IPTV Toronto isn’t readily influenced by storms and other similar weather disturbances. For sports broadcasters, this means uninterrupted delivery of sport events in the simplest way possible.

iptv logo

For sports lovers, this is equal to unparalleled excitement when watching their favorite sports events. Greater interactivity compared to conventional broadcast TV means users can control what programs to watch as well as when to see them (through VoD). Viewers are more in the program or game due to the interactivity feature. For example: they can use their remote to vote for their favourite player of this game. IPTV provides them an opportunity to become part of the main sports events. Sports lovers can use the camera choice feature when viewing games or events. This provides a more personalized means of viewing videos. For sports broadcasters, streaming live matches, games and events becomes simpler and more convenient. IPTV also offers more opportunities for lesser known sports such as kayaking and sculling to be exposed to the public.

Sports teams and broadcasters may also use the medium for additional revenue and enthusiast reach through promotions and advertising. Broadcasters can even dedicate one channel to a particular game – such as mountain biking or rugby. Soccer and sports stadiums in the UK now use IPTV to bring games to larger crowds when they occur and as they happen. As a result of this, sports broadcasters are ensured of wider exposure and lovers get uninterrupted viewing of movie content coming from various areas of the world.ConclusionInternet Protocol Television has made sports broadcasting exciting. It offers them more options in acquiring and sustaining the interest of sports aficionados. It’s the best choice of broadcasters in providing live matches to those who might not have the time or the ability to buy tickets and watch the game .

On top of that, IPTV presents a good deal of opportunities for broadcasters to encourage people to adopt sports like a fan, a follower or as an aspiring athlete.If you like to watch football and would like to rent an IPTV soccer [] sports system, visit You can watch all the games you need through their IPTV soccer box [].

The IPTV box is in English commentary, which is connected to a sound system round the bar by’s trained engineers. You can watch premier football (including most of the 3pm matches ), Cup Games, championship games (such as the EUFA Champions League), Spanish soccer, Italian soccer and Portuguese football. Apart from soccer, you can even watch the most recent rugby games. They have many amazing weekday and weekend customer support solutions, including Free Engineer Call Out, Free Telephone Support and Free Fixture Text Message.


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IPTV Service in Canada – Whats the Best?

iptv canada logo

So your looking to cut the cord for your IPTV services. I get it, I have been there too. Its hard to pay those big expensive monthly packages for something that you merely watch for a few hours per week. Its just not worth it anymore. That and we all love Netflix, but eh there so back behind the times that it takes two years to get up to date with the current television shows.

So where does that leave us? Well a lot of us went to Kodi with the purchase of an android box. If you have been there, you need probably already know that its a bit of a hit and miss. Sometimes, you get channels that just don’t work, the streams are either extremely slow, or the in the worst case, you are half ways through a show and it cuts out because the server is overloaded. Been there a few times watching the walk dead.

So What IPTV Service to Get?

Well if your in Canada, getting a premium IPTV service may be a little difficult. Reason being, is that there are not many companies out there doing this right now. If you google IPTV Canada, the most you will find is a handful of companies. And not all of them are in Canada. Some of them are American companies that don’t even offer a Canadian IPTV Subscription. So how would you choose from all the rift raft? Which IPTV provider is Canadian and how would I know?

Those are all hard questions to answer but luckily I have a good solution for you. I personally came across a blog called And I can honestly say that there are some really good unbiased views. The guy Jonathon certainly offers some good info on this kind of subject. He knows way more then I do, and I’m a techy guy.

From what I can gather, he says RocketStreams are the best provider to have. Even above Ipguys. I have tried both, and I seem to like Rocket Streams better. There servers are faster, and they provide a much better channel lineup.

So with that said, check out Jonathons post and his recomendations. Who knows he might be on to something.


Michael Gray

Exodus Kodi is Back – Full Tutorial

install the new exodus addon

So your wondering if you should go back and trust the almight Exodus Addon for Kodi. Yeah one time you wouldn’t think twice about it. But it seems lately these addons keep getting taken down so quickly. And theres not a lot to do about it.

Where did Exodus Kodi go?

Back in the day when you thought about installing the exodus kodi addon, you would not even think twice. It was the main go to addon that everyone loved to use. Why not right, it had almost every single stream you could ever think of. There database of movies was larger then any other Kodi Addon out there.

Unfortunately the ban hammer came down and the Great Exodus Addon got taken down. Many of us were in dismay has where would we go, and what would use now. Luckily over the years, many other Kodi addons, came to take there place. Like Placenta, Covenant, Genesis Reborn, Elysium, and so on.

kodi for exodus

So what next?

Over the years, and has time passed, things are starting to get back on track. The team at Exodus and finally come back. They released there newest version of the exodus kodi addon not long ago, and the crowds went wild. There database of movies, tv shows, sporting events and more are bigger then ever. When your looking for something great to watch. You will certainly find it on the Exodus Addon.

Is it hard to install the Exodus Addon?

Not at all. The Exodus addon is one the easiest to install. You can learn to install exodus on kodi here. Its one of the easiest Kodi Addons to install. And it can be done, in only a few minutes. I think it took me no longer then 5 minutes to go down through the tutorial.

I would have to say, that the Exodus kodi Addon is back and its better then ever. You won’t go wrong with installing this awesome Kodi Addon. Plus its always better to have a few extra Kodi Addons in the background. We all know that not every Kodi Build installs all the Addons we want.

So jump over to that site, and check them out. They do some of the best tutorials on the web for installing Kodi Builds and Kodi Addons.


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Should I buy a cheap Android Tv Box?

h96 android tv box

I know what your thinking? Why should I go out and spend XXX amount of dollars on an Android Tv Box, when I don’t know anything about them. I get that, because I was there too, and really didnt know a whole about them neither, and I tried searching on the net. But to my surprise there was not a whole lot of information on what to look for when buying a poor or good android tv box.

What should I look for when buying an Android Box?

Some of the main things you should look for when buying an Android box is the reviews. That’s the first step that I take when looking at  a specific model. If I see some other user related reviews that are good, then I move on.

Next I’ll check these main components of the Android Tv Box. What you are looking for his The GPU Specifications, the CPU Specs, and lastly how much  ram it has. For 2018 I’ll give you a basic guideline. There should be at least an ARM Mali-T820MP3 GPU, and minimum of an Octo Core Processor. When it comes to Ram, I preferably would like to see minimum 3 Gigs Ram. But you can get away with 2 Gigs. I still have Android Boxes now that run with 2 and they run great. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure it has the lastest Android Operating Firmware installed. As of now its the Nougat 7.


Does Brand Name really matter?

When it comes to buying Android Boxes, brand name doesn’t really matter. Now that doesn’t mean to out and find  the cheapest AfterMarket Android Box in Asia. What it does mean is you don’t need to pay specific attention to it. For example if you purchase the H96 Android box, its going to have all the same components in it has another Android Box. You will notice when you look at the specs that GPU’s, CPU’s are the exact same. The only that might change is the operating system. So the hardware stays the same a lot in many Android Boxes. However you make sure it has the latest Android Operating firmware. If not you may not be able to get future upgrades, like when the new addition of Kodi comes out.

Where does that leave you?

That leaves you with a pretty good idea of what to look for. When looking at specs you don’t understand, Google is your best friend. You can also use great review websites like this one, There is real life user reviews on there, that rate each android box. It also comes with full tutorials for when you are ready to upgrade your Android Box.

Anyway, just use the above advice when shopping around, and be sure to look at them specs. The specs will save you in the end.



What is Kodi & Do I need it for my Android Tv Box?


So what is Kodi and what is it good for? Well Kodi is an operating system used on many Android Tv Boxes. Its the main one to be exact. Most be resort to Kodi to run there addons to stream content online. I personally love Kodi. I have used it on all my Android Boxes in the house and its the main goto Operating system that I use.

Kodi VS the Android Box

In all honesty, I don’t think the Android Tv Box would of made it this far it it wasn’t for Kodi operating system. You pretty much need it to install any Addon. As an Android Box without it is almost useless. Its just another mini computer that gets you online.

Installing Kodi should be one of the first steps you do to get your Android Box setup. Do to that you can just google and you will find the latest addition. The newest addition is Kodi 18 Leia, which is awesome by the way. After you have installed Kodi, the next thing to do is install a good build.

Installing a Kodi Build or Kodi Addon

After  you have initially installed the Kodi operating system, we can then go further with installing a build or Addon. I think you should install a Kodi Build as the build makes it easier for navigating throughout the Operating system and it comes pre-installed with a bunch of Kodi Addons.

Now some people enjoy and like the Kodi Nav Menus so they choose to keep the original kodi on there and just install the addons as needed. I find this to be the long way around it certainly take way more time to setup.

Android A95 ANdroid Box 4K

What Builds do I install?

There are many Kodi builds to choose from, but If I were to pick any in 2018, it would be the Durex Build. Its a very lightweight Kodi Build that runs exceptionally well. No matter if you have an older android tv box or a newer one, it will run great.

Other Kodi builds like Cellar Door Infusion are great, Pulse Build, and theres a whole lot more. You can check out this post here on what the best kodi builds are for 2018. You wont go wrong with them. They offer great tutorials, with excellent support over there. Plus its where we all buy our Android Tv Boxes too.

To Sum it all up!

When you buy your first Android box, install kodi first. Once you have done that, you can go on to installing the Kodi Builds or addons. Whatever you prefer. If you do have questions, feel free to ask them through the contact us page on our site.


Michael – Nokian Writer PT




Android Tv Box & What is it?

android tv box

So you have heard about Android Tv Boxes, but you are not sure what its all about. They are great little tools that can save you a whole lot of money per month when it comes to your entertainment needs. One of the best things about them are that they are so small, lightweight and you can take them anywhere you go.

Top 5 Things Reasons to Buy an Android Box

  1. Its cable TV in your pocket. You will have the luxury of taking it anywhere you go. For example if you are on the road a lot, you can pack it in your bag and plug it in whenever you get to your room.
  2. Instant Access to Millions of Movies, Tv Shows, Sports, Kids Cartoons and Live Tv Channels. Yes that’s right, you can instant access to an endless supply of movies and Tv shows. All at your fingertips for Free. You can’t get much better then that.
  3. You can get Live TV channels with a cheap subscription to IPTV. Say what? Yah you heard me right there. For aonly 10 dollars a month you can get access to over 1500 live Tv channels in HD quality.
  4. Its FREE! Yeah the best thing about it. You can  cancel those expensive monthly bills to the big cable providers. When you get an android box it is completely free to use.
  5. Android Tv Boxes are Cheap! You can buy them online for less then 50 bucks now. Even though Id suggest paying at least 100 or around that for a better box. But all in all you can get them pretty cheap and do everything you want on them for free.

cheap android tv box

So there you have it. The Top 5 reasons to go out now and buy a Android Tv Box. Everyone here at Nokian bought one and we all love it. Note to self, we all cancelled our cable company subscriptions too.  If you are wondering where to check out some good deals, just google android tv box. You’ll find them.